About Jabula Roses

Jabula Roses is a family owned business run by Spud and Jane Murphy using sustainable farming practices.
We have developed the farm over many years to produce some of the most sought after roses in the Sunshine Coast Region.

The farm is located in Palmwoods and our roses are popular with both the public and local florists.  Please feel free to contact us on (07) 5445 0552  or just drop-in.  It is a beautiful area and our customers tell us they like to see our farm in action.

Inspecting Roses at Jabula

Spud and Jane Murphy Inspecting Roses on their Farm at Palmwoods

Our Farm and Methods

We are progressively introducing more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.  We have committed to using fewer chemicals and this means we use beneficial bugs, microbes and sustainable fertilisers to control diseases and insects rather than pesticides and fungicides.  We have had enormous success and our use of chemicals has dropped by 70%.   Our roses have improved in quality and our beneficial bugs are in abundance.  This makes our farm and our products better for customers, better for our farm workers and better for the environment.  Our long-term goal is to try and phase out chemicals altogether.

We continue to educate ourselves and introduce environmentally friendly technology and sustainable farming practices.  For example, we have embraced the practices of Nutritech’s (NTS) Certificate in Nutritional Farming, using the methods in our hydroponic project.

Rose Growing in Igloo